Here we have a GeeBee Z Sportier for VSF
You might need to click on the photo to enlarge.


She is a hand full to fly and unstable at top speeds, the GeeBee’s where known for this
And this is what killed many of their pilots, if your looking for just a Sunday flyer out
Of this plane then keep the speed down to under 170 mph and she will not be so bad,
But if you are looking for a thrill then full throttle is for you ;-)
I tried to capture her unstableness the best I could with the values I have to work with
In VSF and am happy with the results.

Just unzip with folder names on inside the ( GBZv3 ) folder
You will find the ( GeeBee_Z_Sportier ) folder just put that right
Into your VSF's vehicles folder and you be good to go.

Please read the read-me in the model folder there are things you
Need to know for pre-flight and keys.

Download GeeBee Z Sportier Model:

Hope you all enjoy the GeeBee Z.
John Marco