Here we have a Piasecki H-21 for VSF
You might need to click on the photo to enlarge.


Just unzip with folder names on inside the ( PH21 ) folder
You will find the ( Piasecki_H21 ) folder Just put that right
Into your VSF's vehicles folder and you be good to go.

Please read the read-me in the model folder there are things
You need to know about key commands and pre-flight settings.

Download Piasecki H-21 Model:

FM UPDATE September 27, 2011
This FM update was done by Ilan Papini and makes this
Twin rotors work even more like they should.

To install, unzip and take the two files and put them into
Your Piasecki_H21 copter folder inside your vehicles folder
And let them overwrite, and you be good to go.

Download FM update;

Hope you all enjoy the flying banana.
John Marco